Muqatta’at Kamea of Alshramdam


Three are gates of the poisonous heart.
Through the sacrament of Al-Desac
we enter the body of the Peacock.
As our bodies become like dead trees,
we are filled with the music of Samael.
These are the sounds that transform you.
These are the melodies that destroy you.
This is the composition that revitalises the dead.


Muqatta'at Kamea of Alshramdam Album mail-01

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Three Contemplations on the Inner Peacock

Sara van der Meer

2016 29pp Belzebez A5. ltd. ed. 50 copies only

Magical texts relating to the Draconian path often display an apocalyptic harshness, which is inherent within the current itself, but by contrast, Sara van der Meer’s latest book, ALSHRAMDAM highlights another aspect also integral to the path of the Dragon. Receiving initiation includes intimacy with those on the other side, perhaps even love. This grimoire is, if nothing else, a revealing account of the author’s tender relationship to the angelic Peacock of divine madness. Invocations, which almost resemble prayers, accompany devotional pathworkings that aim to deliver the reader on the doorstep of a temple of destruction, revitalisation, and transformation within his or her own heart. The foreword of the book aptly summarises the scope of the book:
“the contemplations of Alshramdam reflects upon what is perhaps one of the few effective methods for enduring the hardships of the Samael qlipha, or at least a most prudent way of recapitulating the initiatory cache of gnosis, which is the end result of bearing the brunt of The Poison of God. This is the intriguing subtext of this work, which bleeds through the devotional hymns.”
It is clear that Sara van der Meer’s book is a welcome supplement to existing literature. Hardly any book has been written on the knowledge contained in the Samael qlipha, and ALSHRAMDAM therefore not only enables the reader to take part of the gnosis that was transmitted to the author, but also offers a unique insight into a contemporary practitioner’s experience of the Draconian initiation. The book is therefore not only interesting for those who walk the path of the Dragon, but also to individuals who are interested in learning more about the experiences that can be gained from working with the emanations of the other side.

The first and only edition of ALSHRAMDAM, printed and hand bound in Gothenburg, is limited to 50 numbered copies. It is bound in a one quarter binding with green leather spine and hand marbled paper covers. Each copy comes with a printed card, signed and sigilised by the author.

ALSHRAMDAM with UK postage – £155.00
ALSHRAMDAM with EU postage – £160.00
ALSHRAMDAM with Rest of World postage – £165.00

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Discographic Grimoire

The vision that we had when we introduced music publishing into the mystical body of Belzebez was one of a repository of ritual music, aimed specically at wanderers of the Draconian path. The first year of this new venture has seen the publication of no less than eight releases. We underestimated the volume of available material within the current, and therefore each release has not received a worthy introduction. To remedy this oversight we now present a few straightforward applications of the different compositions in order to place them in their proper context. We are most grateful for the overwhelming reception that our work has received, and we hope that all of you will appreciate this belated discographic grimoire. The descriptions below are the result of several long discussions with the artists, and we have tried to convey the sometimes wordless gnosis of their art by contextualising them through the correspondences available in Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic by Thomas Karlsson. Please keep in mind that this is intended as an inspirational guide, and is by no means intended to restrict the use or the perception of the art.

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Skärmavbild 2015-12-11 kl. 01.25.08


The pre-order for Feral Transmissions II: From the Vault is finally open! Secure your copy at MIDIAN BOOKS who is the exclusive distributor of the release. FROM THE VAULT incorporates articles, concepts and ideas that for some reasons never have met the public eye, rediscovered by our contributors hidden in notebooks or text files on old backup drives. The texts that we have collected for the second issue are either loosely developed ideas from the common pool that constitute the machinery of the artistic collective BELZEBEZ, or tomes forgotten in an archive or in the penumbra of the mind.

Contributors are:

Fredrik Eytzinger – Kakaxandraok II: Theophany of the Dragon
Michael Idehall – Postlude to the House of Flames
Johnny Jakobsson – Doctor Kammamori’s Alaya Emporium
Rolf Lindbohm – Spirits of the Room
Sara van der Meer – The Tower and the Bird
Timo Pedersen – Gates of Dreaming: An Art of Dreaming Distillation (a Castañeda reader)
…and more.

FROM THE VAULT comes in 60 pp. A4 and is bound in a black, straight cut folder with foil stampings. Each copy is manually numbered with a stamped card.

Limited to 50 copies.
Price: £30.00



We are proud to present another ritual music release by Michael Idehall:

The storm named Egon hit the Swedish west-coast in the first weeks of 2015. This composition is based on nocturnal field recordings from that storm. EGON is a musical commemoration of a sublime natural event, and a meta-sigil of the Storm as an esoteric symbol of the chaotic forces of nature and thus a symphony of the Lilith qlipha.

Announcing Feral Transmissions II: From The Vault

Following the success of our inaugural issue, ‘Daimonic Inauguration’, we are delighted to release information about the second issue of Feral Transmissions, entitled ‘From the Vault’.

‘Feral Transmissions II: From the Vault’ incorporates articles, concepts and ideas that for some reasons never have met the public eye, and which were found by our contributors hidden in notebooks or text files on old backup drives. The texts that we have collected for the second issue are either loosely developed ideas from a the common pool that constitute the machinery of the artistic collective Belzebez, or tomes forgotten in an archive or in the penumbra of the mind.

The issue involves articles from Sara van der Meer, Rolf Lindbohm, Fredrik Eytzinger, Michael Idehall, Johnny Jakobsson, and Timo Pedersen. Together, they invites the reader on a journey that account not only knowledge gained in the Indian continent, but also demonic entities encountered in specific corridors of the mind, and gematric and thematic exploration of concepts such as Belphegor’s Prime, The Art of Dreaming, The Shadow and the Self, just to name a few.

Pre-orders are soon taking place, as we are currently looking over the final touches together with our craftsmen in Gothenburg. More information on specific content will follow soon.

Skärmavbild 2014-12-22 kl. 19.59.11

Announcing ’Amongst Mystics And Magicians In Stockholm’

When you enter the unknown, you know that it might contain both your fortune and your demise. The pact that we have signed with the unknown forces behind Belzebez may still hold both fates for us, but for now it has allowed us to go beyond our individual limitations and manifest a work significant to all wanderers of faustian paths. Not unlike Faust, the author of our next title might have called out for the Devil, but not driven by boredom or desperation. Instead, Karlsson invites us into his personal history as the Dark One appears to him and encourages him to set in motion events that we still cannot fathom the scope of. He divulges how Dragon Rouge grew like an organic entity, and how epic mythological narratives are mirrored in the lives of ordinary people like a spark of magic in the dullness of mundane life. Behind the logical structure of the text there is a timeless present that makes the book a veritable reading mystery, and at times you can almost swear that you are amongst the mystics and the magicians of Stockholm.


Amongst Mystics and Magicians in Stockholm

The Swedish based order Dragon Rouge (Ordo Draconis et Atri Adamantis) was founded on New Year’s Eve in 1989 by Thomas Karlsson and a group of magicians. The order, which focuses on Draconian initiation in relation to qliphothic qabalah, has since grown into a world-wide organisation, and is today mainly centred to Europe and America.

In ‘Amongst Mystics and Magicians in Stockholm’, Thomas Karlsson accounts for the initial years of his magical practice during the years 1989-1991, a practice that led to the formation of Dragon Rouge. In his very personal first person narrative, Karlsson retells many important experiences that he had at his summer house on the island of Gotland and in Stockholm during the occult boom in the 90s. The book holds a lot of references to the sub-cultural context of the author’s youth and accounts of his epochal journey to Marrakech, Morocco, where he received the prophecy to build a temple for the red Dragon.

‘Amongst Mystics and Magicians in Stockholm’ was originally released in Swedish in 2012 and is now released in its first English edition by Belzebez as part of the a new series, Canōn. Canōn consists of publications that are a genuine part of the body of the great Dragon and hence important to the Draconian current, but might not have received an appropriate dispersal or attention, or diverge from our general releases in production, topic or origin. The book is the first in a trilogy about the history and development of Dragon Rouge and the initiatory journey of some of its members.

Thomas Karlsson, born in 1972, has written several books on esotericism and magic. He holds a PhD in History of Religions from Stockholm University and has done extensive research on the Swedish mystic Johannes Bureus and his Gothic Kabbalah and runic alchemy. Thomas is also a known guest singer and lyricists in different bands such as Therion, Serpent Noir and Shadowseeds.

The first English edition of ‘Amongst Mystics and Magicians in Stockholm’ is printed and bound in Gothenburg, and is limited to 200 copies of 140 pages, and they are available exclusively through Midian Books.


Gothenburg Dreamtime Video

During the second weekend of May (9th -11th) in 2014, the artist Michael Idehall revealed his portrayals of Gothenburg’s atemporal layers during the exhibition ‘Gothenburg Dreamtime’. Cinnober Teater provided the venue for the exhibition and together with music from artists Jonas Lindgren and Fredrik Eytzinger, as well as an opening lecture by local scholar Jimmy Elwing, it proved to be an excellent space for successfully transferring the artist’s visions to an unexpected audience. In this brief excerpt, you will find footage of the exhibited works as well as the venue for the event.

‘Gothenburg Dreamtime’ will further be documented in an exhibition catalogue featuring an introduction based on the opening talk given by Jimmy Elwing as well as poetic writings from a number of artists. These writings will accompany the exhibited pieces in a book due to be released by BELZEBEZ in 2015.

end of subscriber’s edition 1-2014

We hereby conclude our first Subscriber’s Edition, and we thank our subscribers for their interest and support. This first attempt at creating a palpable connection between peers of sorcery has yielded good results, and we are encouraged to proceed with the manifestation of Belzebez.


subscriber’s edition 1-2014


Sara van der Meer

Few Indian sects are as infamous as the Aghora, a religious group founded by Baba Kinaram in the 17th century. Although the Aughars are infamous for their antinomian practice, very little is known about them. In this box, Sara van der Meer has collected certain ritual objects, gathered from her own travels in Varanasi, many of which are very unique, and rarely found outside of Uttar Pradesh. Accompanying the ritual items is a small prayer book that is used in order to go in rapport with Baba Kinaram, the founder of the Aughar lineage. In a sense, the box itself is a shrine of devotional worship.

Included in the box are:

– A turmeric covered cinnamon stick, used for ritual painting
– An Aghora mala from Baba Keenaram Sthal, Krim-Kund, Varanasi
– Ashes from the cremation grounds, obtained from a puja at Baba Keenaram Sthal, Krim-Kund, Varanasi
– A stick with cotton used for divination
– Picture of Baba Kinaram
– Bidi used in magical rituals
– An Aughar prayer book



Fredrik Eytzinger

This painting, called A’ANO’NIN, is part of a series of paintings depicting passages and gateways experienced during oneiric explorations. Painted in 2014, it is an attempt to materialise the visions received on the Tree of Knowledge, in this particular case, created in the tension between the Samael and Thagirion qliphas.
The artist’s signature is found on the reverse side of painting, together with a poetic reflection on the artwork.

Acrylics and papier-mâché on canvas.


Formula of Les Voltigeurs

Johnny Jakobsson

One of the noble traditions of the Qliphothic Qabalah is the Shimmusha de-shedei; the magical praxis to ascend into prophetic states of consciousness via the alliance with demons of the Left Emanation – the art of assimilating magical abilities from the leaves of the Tree of Knowledge. It was Adam, who first brought the wisdom of leaves from the Garden of Eden; fortifying themselves with their knowledge, thus discovering the illicit art of sorcery. In the Qliphothic initiation, a theoretical distinction can be established between the fruits and the leaves of the Tree of Knowledge. As the fruit bestow the initiation and realisation of our individual divinity, the leaves convey the knowledge of sorcery and magic. Theoretically they are separated specific aspects of the Left Emanation, though in initiation, they function in symbiotic relation. The draconian alchemist is obliged to intently learn to harvest the wisdom of the leaves solely as ladders to reach the true initiatory emanations of the fruit within each shell of the Qliphoth, thus the adept initiate himself and transcend. If the alchemist does not follow this edict of initiation, he will stray in deception from the draconian path toward the Black Sun and indulge in the knowledge of the leaves, thus become adrift in the seven Lesser Palaces of the Sitra Ahra. In the totemic form of les Voltigeurs, the arboreal adept leaps between the branches of the Tree of Knowledge in search of the fruits. The illustration depicts the formula of the Voltigeurs as he voyages through the tunnel of A’ano’nin toward the Black Sun.

21 x 15 cm drawing in black and gold ink. Signed by artist on reverse


Suzugoi Spell Bottle

Michael Idehall

A particular current of witchcraft emanates from beyond the primordial Luna, which shines of her own light.

This package containing a spell bottle and a grimoire of instructions, constitutes the first publicly available channeling from a node of craft located in the shadow of the shell of the dark moon of Gamaliel.

Spell Bottle – Glass bottle, rope, paint, pewter, and cork.
Grimoire – Hand bound in antique paper with silver foil stampings.


gothenburg dreamtime

Gothenburg Dreamtime was an exhibition of the works of Michael Idehall at Cinnober Teater in Gothenburg 9-11/5 2014. The fineart was accompanied by sounds from Jonas Lindgren, Fredrik Eytzinger, and Johnny Jakobsson. The vernissage was opened with an introductory talk by the scholar Jimmy Elwing. All photos were taken by Andreas Sandlund.