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gothenburg dreamtime

Exhibition at Cinnober Teater with paintings, sculptures, and sound. Belzebez merchandise will be available.

Friday 9/5 19:00-22:00 – The vernissage is opened by a short introduction to art and esotericism by local scholar Jimmy Elwing. Drone by Jonas Lindgren.
Sat 10/5 13:00-22:00 – The exhibition will hold a continuous sorcerous concert by Fredrik Eytzinger and friends.
Sun 11/5 13:00-15:00 – The gates to the Gothenburg Dreamtime will be closed.

As centuries pass, settled human civilisation becomes a living organism with personal traits, history and a fate of its own. The destinies of the denizens of a particular locality become interwoven with the land. Ancestral lineages form, and actions, intent, and emotions accumulate within the mythological atmosphere. This creates an intemporal dimension where the place of dwelling becomes a stage for archetypal dramas, and lore from ancient history can surface in the now.

Gothenburg Dreamtime is a collection of visions of an atemporal Gothenburg, where the first settling of the area coincide with the city’s ultimate doom. The mythological Gothenburg is provided with a voice, and is allowed to teach us the epic tales of heroes, monsters, and ultimately of the people who have, will, and could have spent their lives here.


About the artist:

The artistic output of Michael Idehall always strives towards manifesting an opening to a world beyond the mundane. The creative process involves honing in on the nexuses between the flows of mind, matter and spirit, nexuses which exist inside the human being, but also in the outer world, as conglomerations of energy and matter. In Michael’s creations, this convergence is revealed through the clash of ancient and modern, natural and artificial, and first and foremost the instilling of spirit into object.

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the birth of a book

Our ambition to create something vital has brought us into contact with some incredibly skilled craftsmen, and our production has come to rely heavily on their knowledge of traditional craft. The images below were taken by our bookbinder at Flodstrands Bokbinderi as he was making the deluxe edition of Pyramidox gel Heb á Qual. This title was originally released by Belzebez, but it has been re-released by Aeon Sophia Press as a part of their Monographic Grimoire Series. These images reveal a glimpse of the alchemy that is bookbinding, where a gem is made out of coarse elements.  

The book in the images can be purchased here.

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unclearly thought

The entire issue of Feral Transmissions should have reached their new homes by now. Like a first thought beginning to take form in a global cerebrum, the initial burst of creative energy has been fired across our receptors. The Swedish author Esaias Tegnér once said that What is unclearly said is unclearly thought, but the question we are posing is whether anything worth saying can ever be clearly thought. The thoughts emerging from our newly established synaptic patterns, will hopefully pose more interesting questions, than they will deliver clear answers.

On public demand we have made the audial version of Feral Transmissions, Issue 1 available on iTunes. We hope that all of you will explore the synaesthetic dimensions that open up between the visual and the audial transmissions.



ALSHRAMDAM – Three Contemplations on the Inner Peacock
Sara van der Meer

Magical texts relating to the Draconian path often display an apocalyptic harshness, which is inherent within the current itself, but this devotional work rather highlights another aspect, also integral to the path of the Dragon. Receiving initiation includes intimacy with those on the other side, perhaps even love. This book is, if nothing else, a revealing account of Sara van deer Meer’s tender relationship to the angelical Peacock of divine madness. Invocations, which almost resembles prayers, accompany devotional path-workings that aim to deliver the adept on the doorstep of a temple of destruction, revitalisation, and transformation within your own heart.

This book will be available for pre-order within the next few months.

Books Feral Transmissions

ft en route

The entire edition of the first issue of Feral Transmissions is currently en route to Midian Books. Each copy was numbered and primed last night as the hour of Luna passed into the hour of Saturn, thus completing the ouroboric circuit encompassing all the planetary spheres around the solar daimonic abode.


Each copy constitutes a unique nuance of the transmitted spectrum in how it was bound, numbered and primed by hand, and how the divinatory markers were placed within the book. Make a note of where your markers are placed in order to reveal and better understand your individual reception of this initial transmission.

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the year of the horse

In a few weeks we leave the year of the Water Snake and enter the year of the Wood Horse. The Snake is the prophesier who divined the coming of BLZBZ (Gem. 1024 an anagram of 2014) and the Horse is the keeper of gates and pathways beyond the mundane. Through the milk-white eyes of the Dreaming Horse we can contextualise the prophecy of the Snake, and formulate a sorcerous strategy for the time ahead. This is also the year of the Sword (2+0+1+4 = 7 – Zain), when the true battle of creative manifestation will begin.

Around the Winter Solstice of last year Feral Transmission was offered to the public, demarcating the end of one phase of becoming and the beginning of another. The edition of 50 was entirely spoken for within a few weeks, which is a sign that the world is ready for what is to come. In addition to the printed edition of Feral Transmissions we also released a collective, audible signal that communicates the vibratory modes of both the preparatory work and the climactic release.


A few releases are planned for the coming year and we hope to provide you with more information on this shortly. In grateful reciprocation to our supporting patrons, we will also provide some exclusive offers to our dear subscribers within the next few months.