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BELZEBEZ 2013-12-13

Through communal effort, the inauguration of a new portal is now ready for transmit. The first publication of Feral Transmission is presented as an introduction to subjects within the field of initiatory sorcery, eclectic esotericism and visionary poetry that are rarely expounded upon in contemporary literature. While acting as a conduit for a raw signal of initiatic volcanism, we are hoping to give voice to those individuals who will define the very concept of the transmission which we aim to keep in a state of flux and permutation.

This body of work is characterised by a shared intent for magical expression, which is why the reoccurring contributors of Feral Transmissions will be limited to a handful of individuals devoted to the Draconian current. Our broadcast reaches beyond the traditional means of communication adopted by occult publishers because Feral Transmissions is devoted to contemporary experimental sorcery. As such, Feral Transmissions should be regarded as a piece of art capturing the struggle of those who continuously walk the unlit path towards illumination.

The first issue, printed and hand bound in Gothenburg, is limited to 50 hand numbered copies of 42 pages, and they are available only through Midian Books.

Price for standard edition: £ 20.00

Front Cover
Feral Transmissions, Issue 1 – Daimonic Inauguration


The following articles are included in the first issue of Feral Transmissions:

Gristle wings, gengel stampede by F.S.K., Ktemagna Veign’mana by Johnny Jakobsson and Michael Idehall, Transmission of Goto-Avam by Rolf Lindbohm, Rendevouz with Carancara by Fredrik Eytzinger, The Language of the Birds by Michael Idehall, KakaxandraOk – Serpentine Glossolalia by Fredrik Eytzinger, The Silent Teachings of Baba Babash by Sara van der Meer, Studies on the Adulruna by Michael Idehall, The Tower of Quietuses by Karl-Oskar Larsson, Exodeus by Michael Idehall, Exodeus 2 by Michael Idehall.

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The Printing of Feral Transmissions

FT SigilFeral Transmissions Issue 1: Daimonic Inauguration has now been submitted for printing. It represents the first difficult step in establishing a most precarious of signals. We strive to use only the most skilled local craftsmen, and we have meticulously divined the candidates. By determining the daimonic heritage of our suppliers, we endeavour to align the auspicious constellation necessary for the outpour of a nectar unknown. This initial issue will be printed in an edition of 50 copies, which we hope are destined for the few pioneers that will accept the torch of conduction and act as our prime relays in the enshrinement of our Feral Transmissions. The distribution will exclusively be handled by Midian Books.


Esoteric Book Conference

BelzebezBelzebez had an informal presence at the Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle and took the opportunity to making initial contact and presenting the idea behind Belzebez for the American esoteric scene. We would like to thank the organisers of the conference for a wonderful event and also send our regards to those who participated with a great hunger for knowledge. We got great response for the work that we have presented so far, and hope that our future summonings will match those of the past.

According to the Astrological Observations found in the conference program, the time of the conference was of a “relentless drilling down into chtonic labyrinths”, an act also found embedded within the VITRIOL concept, where the Hand of God likens the Hand of Glory.

Alongside interesting talks on Zothyrian initiation and cryptology we also had the benefit of meeting a lot of knowledgeable people and delving deeper into the great corpus of books presented by J.D. Holmes, Ouroboros Press and other wonderful vendors and publishers.




salomonicFredrik Eytzinger, our co-editor of Feral Transmissions, has recently joined Three Hands Press and published a quite unique translation of two so-called Swedish Black Books together with an extensive introduction to the subject.

The manuscripts called Salomonic Magical Arts were originally published in print in the beginning of the 20th century, and now for the first time they are made accessible in English. The manscripts contain over 450 receipts and spells together with magical sigils and incantations from the folk cunning and esoteric forms of magical practice.

Artwork Books


In the terra preta, where the wild flowers drink from the flow of ages, the mycorrhizal relations connect that which grows below with that which grows above. The power of all life and death vibrate through these nexuses of symbiotic relations. Thusly the chthonic rays of the stars of BELZEBEZ undulate into new fruit bearing receptacles. We are glad to announce the  symbiotic relation of one of our contributors with another publisher, which will undoubtably bear some terrific fruit within the coming months.

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Our prolific artist Michael Idehall is having his Draconian take on a classic magical book released by Aeon Sophia Press. The work is briefly explained as a contemporary exploration of the grimoire know as The Treasure of the Old Man of the Pyramids, executed by means of sorcerous reification in order to present the mysteries that veil the heart of a book of power. New incantations complement the twenty reworked talismans, and a transmission of sigils for entering into the tutelage of the Sentinel of this liber spiritum has been appended to the more traditional content.