Three Contemplations on the Inner Peacock
Sara van der Meer

2016 29pp Belzebez A5. ltd. ed. 50 copies only

Magical texts relating to the Draconian path often display an apocalyptic harshness, which is inherent within the current itself, but by contrast, Sara van der Meer’s latest book, ALSHRAMDAM highlights another aspect also integral to the path of the Dragon. Receiving initiation includes intimacy with those on the other side, perhaps even love.This grimoire is, if nothing else, a revealing account of the author’s tender relationship to the angelic Peacock of divine madness. Invocations, which almost resemble prayers, accompany devotional pathworkings that aim to deliver the reader on the doorstep of a temple of destruction, revitalisation, and transformation within his or her own heart. The foreword of the book aptly summarises the scope of the book:

the contemplations of Alshramdam reflects upon what is perhaps one of the few effective methods for enduring the hardships of the Samael qlipha, or at least a most prudent way of recapitulating the initiatory cache of gnosis, which is the end result of bearing the brunt of The Poison of God. This is the intriguing subtext of this work, which bleeds through the devotional hymns.

It is clear that Sara van der Meer’s book is a welcome supplement to existing literature. Hardly any book has been written on the knowledge contained in the Samael qlipha, and ALSHRAMDAM therefore not only enables the reader to take part of the gnosis that was transmitted to the author, but also offers a unique insight into a contemporary practitioner’s experience of the Draconian initiation. The book is therefore not only interesting for those who walk the path of the Dragon, but also to individuals who are interested in learning more about the experiences that can be gained from working with the emanations of the other side.

The first and only edition of ALSHRAMDAM, printed and hand bound in Gothenburg, is limited to 50 numbered copies. It is bound in a one quarter binding with green leather spine and hand marbled paper covers. Each copy comes with a printed card, signed and sigilised by the author.

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