Artwork Books Subscriber's Edition

end of subscriber’s edition 1-2014

We hereby conclude our first Subscriber’s Edition, and we thank our subscribers for their interest and support. This first attempt at creating a palpable connection between peers of sorcery has yielded good results, and we are encouraged to proceed with the manifestation of Belzebez.


subscriber’s edition 1-2014


Sara van der Meer

Few Indian sects are as infamous as the Aghora, a religious group founded by Baba Kinaram in the 17th century. Although the Aughars are infamous for their antinomian practice, very little is known about them. In this box, Sara van der Meer has collected certain ritual objects, gathered from her own travels in Varanasi, many of which are very unique, and rarely found outside of Uttar Pradesh. Accompanying the ritual items is a small prayer book that is used in order to go in rapport with Baba Kinaram, the founder of the Aughar lineage. In a sense, the box itself is a shrine of devotional worship.

Included in the box are:

– A turmeric covered cinnamon stick, used for ritual painting
– An Aghora mala from Baba Keenaram Sthal, Krim-Kund, Varanasi
– Ashes from the cremation grounds, obtained from a puja at Baba Keenaram Sthal, Krim-Kund, Varanasi
– A stick with cotton used for divination
– Picture of Baba Kinaram
– Bidi used in magical rituals
– An Aughar prayer book



Fredrik Eytzinger

This painting, called A’ANO’NIN, is part of a series of paintings depicting passages and gateways experienced during oneiric explorations. Painted in 2014, it is an attempt to materialise the visions received on the Tree of Knowledge, in this particular case, created in the tension between the Samael and Thagirion qliphas.
The artist’s signature is found on the reverse side of painting, together with a poetic reflection on the artwork.

Acrylics and papier-mâché on canvas.


Formula of Les Voltigeurs

Johnny Jakobsson

One of the noble traditions of the Qliphothic Qabalah is the Shimmusha de-shedei; the magical praxis to ascend into prophetic states of consciousness via the alliance with demons of the Left Emanation – the art of assimilating magical abilities from the leaves of the Tree of Knowledge. It was Adam, who first brought the wisdom of leaves from the Garden of Eden; fortifying themselves with their knowledge, thus discovering the illicit art of sorcery. In the Qliphothic initiation, a theoretical distinction can be established between the fruits and the leaves of the Tree of Knowledge. As the fruit bestow the initiation and realisation of our individual divinity, the leaves convey the knowledge of sorcery and magic. Theoretically they are separated specific aspects of the Left Emanation, though in initiation, they function in symbiotic relation. The draconian alchemist is obliged to intently learn to harvest the wisdom of the leaves solely as ladders to reach the true initiatory emanations of the fruit within each shell of the Qliphoth, thus the adept initiate himself and transcend. If the alchemist does not follow this edict of initiation, he will stray in deception from the draconian path toward the Black Sun and indulge in the knowledge of the leaves, thus become adrift in the seven Lesser Palaces of the Sitra Ahra. In the totemic form of les Voltigeurs, the arboreal adept leaps between the branches of the Tree of Knowledge in search of the fruits. The illustration depicts the formula of the Voltigeurs as he voyages through the tunnel of A’ano’nin toward the Black Sun.

21 x 15 cm drawing in black and gold ink. Signed by artist on reverse


Suzugoi Spell Bottle

Michael Idehall

A particular current of witchcraft emanates from beyond the primordial Luna, which shines of her own light.

This package containing a spell bottle and a grimoire of instructions, constitutes the first publicly available channeling from a node of craft located in the shadow of the shell of the dark moon of Gamaliel.

Spell Bottle – Glass bottle, rope, paint, pewter, and cork.
Grimoire – Hand bound in antique paper with silver foil stampings.