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the year of the horse

In a few weeks we leave the year of the Water Snake and enter the year of the Wood Horse. The Snake is the prophesier who divined the coming of BLZBZ (Gem. 1024 an anagram of 2014) and the Horse is the keeper of gates and pathways beyond the mundane. Through the milk-white eyes of the Dreaming Horse we can contextualise the prophecy of the Snake, and formulate a sorcerous strategy for the time ahead. This is also the year of the Sword (2+0+1+4 = 7 – Zain), when the true battle of creative manifestation will begin.

Around the Winter Solstice of last year Feral Transmission was offered to the public, demarcating the end of one phase of becoming and the beginning of another. The edition of 50 was entirely spoken for within a few weeks, which is a sign that the world is ready for what is to come. In addition to the printed edition of Feral Transmissions we also released a collective, audible signal that communicates the vibratory modes of both the preparatory work and the climactic release.


A few releases are planned for the coming year and we hope to provide you with more information on this shortly. In grateful reciprocation to our supporting patrons, we will also provide some exclusive offers to our dear subscribers within the next few months.


Artwork Books


In the terra preta, where the wild flowers drink from the flow of ages, the mycorrhizal relations connect that which grows below with that which grows above. The power of all life and death vibrate through these nexuses of symbiotic relations. Thusly the chthonic rays of the stars of BELZEBEZ undulate into new fruit bearing receptacles. We are glad to announce the  symbiotic relation of one of our contributors with another publisher, which will undoubtably bear some terrific fruit within the coming months.

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Our prolific artist Michael Idehall is having his Draconian take on a classic magical book released by Aeon Sophia Press. The work is briefly explained as a contemporary exploration of the grimoire know as The Treasure of the Old Man of the Pyramids, executed by means of sorcerous reification in order to present the mysteries that veil the heart of a book of power. New incantations complement the twenty reworked talismans, and a transmission of sigils for entering into the tutelage of the Sentinel of this liber spiritum has been appended to the more traditional content.



The artefacts that make up the altar were conceived in a period of ritual isolation devoted to the initiatory icon of the Opposer. During the Via Solitudes, the creative process took on the dark cloak of the extreme limits of the astral plane, and it became a possessive and pulsating dance. As the mist cleared, and the artist slowly separated from the art, it became apparent that two solid objects had congealed from the wordless songs. Together the items make up a spirit continuum called Juju Baal.

Drawing from personal lineage, the pieces contain the soil of my forefathers and the tools of their trade. The passing of these personal objects from the artist to his peers constitutes the formation of a magical lineage. Not a tutelary linage from master to apprentice, but rather a bond of a fraternal nature. By exchanging an intimate charge we create pathways in the Great Dragon and cause an increase in the potential of our living network, which is the only viable conduit for a tradition of initiatory magic. – Michael Idehall


A sorcerer does not need to glance twice at the painting to notice the whirling symmetries on its surface. It is a veritable doorway to the realm of spirits. There appears to be a martial tendency among the spirits that tend to its dimensions, but the war they speak of is not fought with swords and spears, but with cunning and intent.

70x90cm canvas, acrylics, soil, yarn, wax, glue, lacquer, saliva.


Sometimes a paquet can act as a receptacle collecting some essential aspect of a force, or as an interface to a specific divinity, but the paquet of Juju Baal is more of an intrusion into our realm. The spirits that inhabit it thrust themselves into the world and forcefully took shelter in the bottle. Surrounding matter arranged and attached itself to its surface. If the painting can be said to constitute a mirror or gateway, then the paquet is the guardian, the holder of keys.

Glass bottle, rope, rosary, acrylics, oil, wire, linoleum shavings, glue, crochet hooks, yarn.




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Commissions & Special Editions

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