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the year of the horse

In a few weeks we leave the year of the Water Snake and enter the year of the Wood Horse. The Snake is the prophesier who divined the coming of BLZBZ (Gem. 1024 an anagram of 2014) and the Horse is the keeper of gates and pathways beyond the mundane. Through the milk-white eyes of the Dreaming Horse we can contextualise the prophecy of the Snake, and formulate a sorcerous strategy for the time ahead. This is also the year of the Sword (2+0+1+4 = 7 – Zain), when the true battle of creative manifestation will begin.

Around the Winter Solstice of last year Feral Transmission was offered to the public, demarcating the end of one phase of becoming and the beginning of another. The edition of 50 was entirely spoken for within a few weeks, which is a sign that the world is ready for what is to come. In addition to the printed edition of Feral Transmissions we also released a collective, audible signal that communicates the vibratory modes of both the preparatory work and the climactic release.


A few releases are planned for the coming year and we hope to provide you with more information on this shortly. In grateful reciprocation to our supporting patrons, we will also provide some exclusive offers to our dear subscribers within the next few months.